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Earnings Outlook

Earning Outlook for 2015

A company reports its revenue and earnings on a quarterly basis. The company will then issue guidance on where they see the market heading, along with any possible developments in either the goods or services they produce or the market in general. This information is then used by analysts, who then make an estimate of where they believe the earnings outlook will be for the company in future quarters. Investors will use this information, in addition to other criteria they may have, to make investment decisions.

How the Ukraine/Russia Situation Is Misleading Investors

Misleading InvestorsSometimes, what seems obvious on the surface isn’t necessarily the best way of looking at a situation. The recent crisis between Ukraine and Russia is a perfect example. A very basic fundamental analysis of the situation would lead one to conclude that if hostilities were to break out, one of the results would be a disruption to the oil and natural gas supplied to Europe. This makes sense, since many pipelines and oil/gas fields are located in Ukraine and Russia. What most people don’t realize is that stocks traded here in America could be negatively impacted and could perhaps have their earni ... Read More