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Emerging Markets

Emerging Market Outlook for 2015

Emerging markets are countries where the economy is growing, usually at a faster clip than that of an industrialized country. With China’s more recent growth, it is one example of an emerging market. Some more emerging markets in Asia include: South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India. In Latin America, Brazil and Chile are emerging markets, while Russia and Poland are the top emerging markets in Eastern Europe.

Why Gold Looks Good to Me in 2014

Gold Looks Good to Me in 2014Just the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who seemed extremely cheerful. I asked why, and he said that his investments have performed well over the past few months and he saw no reasons to worry. This is a common problem with investor sentiment; people tend to become complacent and only look to the recent past as an indication of what tomorrow will bring. This is quite dangerous. Investor sentiment is often wrong and can be used as a contrary indicator, buying when others are dumping their stocks and taking profits when others are blissfully unaware of the changing land ... Read More

Profit from Emerging Markets with Just One Investment

Profit from Emerging MarketsEmerging market equities have taken center stage these days because, according to some, the key stock indices in the U.S. economy are reaching the overpriced mark. Investors’ returns aren’t going to be as robust going forward; there’s a significant amount of noise about them taking the shape of a bubble. With all this happening, investors are asking which emerging market economy they should invest in. Should they buy companies operating in India? Or is China still the best emerging market economy in which to invest? The answe ... Read More